Cie Autonyme
Maika Bruni
al Museo 32
CH - 6716  Lottigna
Cie Autonyme

Cie Autonyme is a creative performance company founded in 2010 by Maike Bruni, with the purpose to create an artistic bridge between Ticino and Romandia.
ts mission involves contemporary artistic creativity and teaching, working on human behavioural characteristics and  interpersonal relationships which are the outcome of personal encounters. It underlines delicate socail matters, trying to transpose them in a poetical context.
The aim is to transform everyday's life and its surrounding reality into living and performing artistic forms, as to stimulate viewers' sensitivity and convay accessible messages, both in form and substance. Every creation evolves into several artistic interchanging forms: scenaries, sounds, scripts and body language are therefore part of the performance itself, each on of them  retaining its own value.

Maika Bruni: after various experiences and research into creative theatre and a solid educational background (Master in Intercultural Education) she attended the Kleine Akademie" in Brussels, a physical theatre academy according the Lecoq method.  
She then moved to South America, where she worked within the "subdued theatre methods", particularly with the Forum Theatre. Back in Europe, she enrolled in drama classes in Unil- Manufacture Lausanne and obtained an "art performance degree" with the University of the Franche-Comté (France).