Collettivo Spettatori
Nina Pigné
c/o Scuola Teatro Dimitri
CH - 6653  Verscio
0041 79 421 20 77
Spettatori Teatro

Spectators (audience) is an international ensemble aiming to develop an international language of performing theatre, across borders and languages barriers.
Its components come from Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany, all working in combining music, dance , mimic and symbolic body language.
Spectators was also the title of their first work,  performed  throughout Europe in 2009, where the actors impersonated eight people from the  audience, whose life stories mix into a kaleidoscope  of poetic, surreal and even brutal images, depicting everyday's life and interpersonal human relationships.
t was performed more than 80 times from Russia to Spain to Switzerland, collecting several awards and being very appreciated by both critics and audiences.