Teatro della Memoria Attiva
Pablo Ariel Bursztyn
Teatro della Memoria Attiva

Theatre of Active Memory
This theatre project has been created to underline our past, so rich in oral traditions and cultural experiences, originating from distance, both in time and space, and source of all our dreams. Memory is therefore essential for our future of human beings connected with each other, and it does not rely solely upon nostalgia and romantic feelings but it defines actions to be taken at the present time through imagination and creativity.
TMA is the result of the meeting between Pablo Ariel Bursztyn and Noce Noseda. Both coming from different backgrounds, experiences and working curricula, they have joined forces and shared  what they thought different memories, realising that what seemed to be at odds turned out to be very alike.
This provoked in the two artists the desire to share their "common memory" with audiences.