Il Funambolo
Mauro Guindani
Via Medi 10
CH - 6932  Breganzona


Il Funambolo
Theatre company for canton Ticino and the rest of the world.
The company is based on the extremely different experiences of its foundators. Starting from the collaboration between Mauro Guindani- actor, writer, experienced director, who has returned to canton Ticino after fourty years of work in theatres in France and in Germany, and Ava Loiacono Husain – actress, puppeteer, specialised in eurythmics, teacher at Alta Scuola Pedagogica di Locarno, now SUPSI.
The company has started with spectacles in a style of narrative theatre ("Le storie del Conruggero" with Andrea Noce Noseda) and from 2006 till now it has produced one spectacle a year. All of them were accompanied with a thorow thematical documentation about the research, which was conducted and published in the first three editions of Quaderni di ricerca, in sale also in the libraries of the canton.
These spectacles, which are very different one from another, have one thing in common, which is the denomination “for canton Ticino and the rest of the world”. It ironicaly suggests themes about a small particular region, in equilibrium on the research of its own cultural identity, in a world twisted by sudden changes.
Since one year Il Funambolo has incorporated Il teatrino tascabile as a particular section for children. Il teatrino tascabile has ceased its twenty years old activity, maintaining its scopes and intents.