Teatro dei Fauni
Puppet Theatre – Theatre for Children
Santuzza Oberholzer
Via alla Scuola 10
CH - 6605  Locarno/Solduno
Teatro dei Fauni
A dream is not reality, you need many dreams to make a reality.
The theatre was founded in 1986 by Santuzza Oberholzer. It copes mostly with production and performance of puppet shows and spectacles for children. The principal subject of the group’s research was to propose again antique myths and fairy-tales. A special attention was given to femminine characters, two recent productions were made about the topic of women in Italian part of Switzerland and emigrants. The spectacles are frequently translated. They were performed in Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iran, Madagascar, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey. From 1999 the theater organizes the festival “Il castello incantato”( “The enchanted castle”).