Teatro Pan
Theatre for children
Vania Luraschi
Viale Cassarate 4
Casella Postale 628
CH - 6906  Lugano
0041 (0) 91 922 61 58
Teatro Pan

Pan Theatre, Theatre for children ad adults with its own productions 
It promotes an yearly festival "No borders, adults and children together at the theatre", the Beetle (anche May Bug ma beetle mi piace di più) festival, theatre, dance, arts and music for younger children and the FIT  (International Theatre and contemporary stage Festival) It organises theatre classes and teaching projects for children of all ages 
It was founded in 1975 and for more than 40 years has continuously  worked in the Lugano area, where it has achieved  status of strong artistic and cultural points of referral, able to mingle differnt methods of creating, joining together the permanent staff's experiences with those of occasional international performers. 
Its main aim has always been to reach the youngest audiences as well as adults, preferably overcoming differences due to the age gap. 
Its work gives a strong relevance to drama and creative acting, prompting the audience to reflect on chosen subjects.
Authirs, directors and performers co-operate to realise several theatre and teaching  projects concerning topics such as racism, social issues, solidarity, environmental issues, giving children stimulating "food for thought".
Pan theatre has been invited to perform in several National and International Festivals in Europe and Latin America.