Femme Théâtrale
Margherita Coldesina
femme théâtrale
The Company was founded in October, 2007 by actress Margherita Coldesina in response to her first production, the monologue “OLGA”. Femme Théâtrale is a free, independent movement. Its mission is exclusively artistic and focuses on  theatre with the aim of producing and disseminating performances, artistic initiatives, theatre discussions and experimentation. Through the years, Femme Théâtrale has also proposed acting workshops for the theatre, cinema and television.

The Company takes care of contacting and establishing long-lasting partnerships with theatre, cinema, audio-visuals and styling professionals, and the artists involved might change with each production.

Femme Théâtrale is currently working on the rehearsal of “Falluja”, a monologue written by Francesco Nicolini, directed by Marco Rampoldi and brought to the stage by Margherita Coldesina. At the same time, it is producing “Istruzioni a un Cuoco”, an original play written for Femme Théâtrale by Ugo Leonzio.