Duo Full House
Gaby & Henry Camus
Via Ferrera 5
CH - 6612  Ascona
+41 91 220 75 04
Duo Full House

Full House duo, composed by GS and HC since 1991, has performed throughout the world, thanks to their extreme linguistic versatility but also thier unmistakeable style, mixing visual and verbal comedy with circus techniques and excellent music. Involving their audiences with elegance, they give life to perfect visual comedy.
With very different  backgrounds (Henry is from NY, USa and Gaby is from the small Swiss townof Effretikon) they developed a unique multi lingual humour, with very diverse performing outputs, circuse, festivals, varieties and theatres all over the world. Henry and Gaby are partners both on stage and inreal life, and have produced  four theatrical shows as Duo FUll House, and three with Henry only, directed by Ferruccio Cainero. 
Henry often takes part to SFR1 radio shows. Together, Gaby and Henry have created and hosted more than 70 performances of "Open Stage Eclettico", a meeting point for all  performing arts. They also organise together with "Das Zelt" the events "Family Circus" and "Comedy Club Ticino". They also prduced and directed  together with Circus Monti the performance "Downtown Monti"  
They have been libìving in Tessin since 2009, together with their two children: here they create, perform, train, drink Merlot, eat Risotto with sausages (as well as Rosti and Burgers) and enjoy an artist's life!