Associazione Scintille
Teatro e spazio creativo
Associazione Scintille
Associazione Scintille 
Scintille (“Sparks” ) Association:

Creative Theatre and Open Space is a cultural, educational and artistic group promoting and supporting all forms of theatrical expression.
It sees theatre as a unique, magic and privileged occasion for meeting oneself and others, discovering new ways of communication, rediscovering “sparkles” in playing and investigating the Human Being and its surrounding World, desiring to be freely creative.

Therefore, Theatre becomes intended as a precious mean to personal enrichment and enlightment.
The Association was created in Locarno (Switzerland) in 1995, by Katya Troise, actor, director and theatre pedagogue.
Its main aims are:
​- Formation specifically aimed at involving children, teenagers and adults, in tailored seminaries
- Theatre workshops in diverse environments: cultural associations, banks, social clubs both in Switzerland and Italy.
- Its branch Storie di Scintille (“Spakles' Tales”), founded in 2005, is mainly aimed at children productions, represented in schools of all grades and children's theatre festivals. It is also involved in specific programs of theatre-school. It involves both professional and amateur actors, according to the characteristics and nature of the various projects.
- It has its own Performing Company, The Piccolo Teatro di Locarno (PTL), since 1983, with its own performing agenda and tour both in Italy and Switzerland.