Cristina Zamboni
via Navone 29
CH - 6942  Savosa
Cristina Zamboni

Cristina Zamboni is a Tessin actress who attended theatre school in Milan, Italy with Quelli di Grock, and then continued her formative experiences with several artists of the local contemporary scene.
She cooperates with several Tessin companies and other from Milan. Since 2006 she voices several cultural shows with both Swiss Radio and Tv, and is a member fo the Swiss Association of Readers. In 2013 she created Hamelin productions, whereby beginning a personal research project, always partnered with several local artists.
From this experience, she derived two projects of narration, "Greek Myths" and "A thousand and One Nights", and a children's show, "The tenacious Tin Soldier".
Always in 2013 she produced the show "300g of hart", winner of the Winterthur First Swiss Theatre Meeting Award