Danza e Teatro
Silvano Mozzini & Christiane Loch
A la Trempa 17
CH - 6528  Camorino


Nowadays different generations often live in separate worlds.
Within the family, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren are mostly positive, whereas outside of it they are generally casuals, even conflictual.
From a respectful living together we have gone to a feeling of indifference, losing out on precious resources. 

The "Dance and Theatre of Generations" project give young and elderly the opportunity to meet and confront themselves and their life experiences within an artistic frame.
GenerArti was founded by Silvano Mozzini and Christian Loch, with the intent of developing intergenerational dance theatre and cultural projects , strenghtening  ties between different generational and cultural backgrounds, and cooperate with other local associations. 
In 2015 GenerArTi has performed for the first time in Tessin, with the show "Us and Them", an intergenerational  show made of acting and dancing, (in cooperation with the Teatro del Gatto in Ascona,)  derived from the success of several shows performed throughout Switzerland  such as "Pausen... lost", realised with 7 elderly and 5 younger dancers with the "Tanztheater Dritter Fruling".

From this very positive experience, both for elderly and younger dancers, originated another project performed by 35 dancers, together with the Winthertur Theatre and other similar project in Zurich, Bern and Thurgovia