Compagnia Lo Sgambetto
Musica, teatro
Associazione Lo Sgambetto
Quartiere Via Nova
CH - 6986  Curio




Compagnia Lo Sgambetto

The Compagnia dello Sgambetto (The Tripping Company), was founded with the same name association on Oct. 5th, 2013.

Their research develops mainly in Curio at the Theater "Lo Sgambetto" (Tripping over), a space apt to create and promote artistic meetings, research workshops, seminars and shows with performing artists from all over the world.

The Company produces theatre and musicals both with the main founders  (Melanie Häner, Ruben Moroni; Antonella Gabrielli, Carlo Maria Martoni) and with featuring artists participating in their workshops.
Currently there are two main productions, performed by the same founders:  theatrical production "Matilde does (not) have to die", written and directed by Ruben Moroni, performed by Antonella Gabrielli, and the musical "Imago Duo", with musics written and performed by Melanie Häner (vocals) and Carlo Maria Martoni (Piano and percussions).