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Gardi Hutter
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Gardi Hutter
Gardi Hutter       Clown-Theatre

Since 1981 Gardi Hutter has been touring the world with her CLOWN THEATRE, totaling more than 3300 performances in 30 different countires.
Together with several partners she has created 7 theatre shows (acting alone or with others), one circus show and wrote and acted in 3 musical. Throughout her carreer she has collected 13 awards.
She started out at the Zurich Academy of DRama then moved to the Milan Centre for Theatrical Research. Her shows are almost speachless, and her characters live in small absurd universes, fighting courageously (but without success) in search of happiness.
Their tragicomic lives are recounted crudely and bitterly, generating audiences' great fun. She performs in various locations, theatres, factories, concert halls, cultural associations, festivals, favelas, alwasy welcome by both press and audiences.
She wrote 2 childrens' books and one adult work. In 2012 she has been the subject of Kuno BOnt's documentary,titled "Gardi Hutter - playing endlessy"