Teatro Danzabile
Emanuel Rosenberg
CH - 6958  Bidogno
Teatro DanzAbile

Teatro Danz’abile, which is a professional theatrical dance company, was born in 2005.
The particular characteristic of this company is that it integrates able and disabled actors and dancers in a performance, which optimizes and finalizes the production of shows.
The stage becomes the perfect place where a great challenge is realized. This challenge is the meeting of collaboration and dialogue within different realities.
The show gives vision to integration and permits it to promote the visibility of it to society. 
The objectives remain, above all, artistic and not aimed at any form of therapy. The company has just artistic objectives and not therapeutic ones. 
Each production involves a work of research on a specific theme that is explored and developed though the theatrical techniques and dance. Every show is focus on a particular theme, which is dealt with the use of the dance and the theatre.
Furthermore, a major importance is given to the creative contribution, which each member of the company brings to the various productions. 
Teatro Danz’abile  organizes theatre and dance courses and cultural activities for disabled and abled people alike.