Compagnia Michel Poletti
Shadow theatre and marionette shows
Michel Poletti
Casella Postale 6321
CH - 6901  Lugano
0041 (0)91 234 95 57



TAA (Antoni Artaud Theatre) was founded in 1969 by Michel and Michèle Poletti, as the first independent theatre company created in Lugano, accounting for more than 5000 performances in 15 countries.

It has created so far 10 productions, aimed to reach a "total theatre", marked by the fusion amongs actors, musicians and puppets, founding the Lugano International Puppet festival, the oldest animation theatrical festival in Europe, that has reached its 34th edition in 2016,

In 2010 the Company's name has become TAA-Theatremusic, MIchel Poletti Company