Ferruccio Cainero
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Ferruccio Cainero
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Ferruccio Cainero

Ferruccio Cainero, was born in 1953 in Udine (Italy), now live in Tessin. He is quite well known in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy as working in the dubbing industry, author actor and director.
He wrote and produced for and with various artists amongst which the famous Catalan Clown Pepa Plana or the Swiss Clown Gardi HUtter, with whom Cainero co-wrote and directed her most important productions
In the last 35 years Cainero has taken part, produced and directed 46 theatre performances
His monologues are full of temper. Cainero's vocabulary is both broad and plain, but also versatile and reprises  the Commedia dell'Arte. His  shows reflect  everyday's life with humour, but do not exclude social criticism

•    2008  “Willhelmshavener Knurrhahn”
•    2006  “The golden Ear of Graz” world's  best narrator and storyteller
•    2003  Radio international prize for  “SalzburgerStier”,  awarded by three national radio stations,  DRS 1, WDR e ORF.
•    2002  Swiss prize for stage performance

Ferruccio Cainero also writes radio dramas for Italian Radio Stationss and has been an active contributor for more than ten years to DRS for the broadcasting of  Morgengeschichten.