Compagnia Teatro Paravento
Miguel Angel Cienfuegos, Luisa Ferroni
Casella Postale 1332
CH - 6600  Locarno
Compagnia Teatro Paravento

Compagnia Teatro Paravento is part of an intense cultural independent movement that arose in Europe between the 1970s and 80s, changing the face of theatre, unifying diverse expressive techniques such as pantomime, figurative theatre, acting and circus.
ts founders came from the Dimitri Theatrical School, where their learned intense expressive methods, successively intensifying the importance of the script within the stage performance.
This led to sevral adaptation of works by classci and contemporary authors such as Pirandello, Goethe, Camus, Moliere, Brecht and Dorfman.
However, this did not bring the company to become  a purely prose performing company, as it also banks on actors' physical capabilities, live music, rythm, clown acts, and is  influenced by Vaudeville and The Comedy of Art.
In 2015 the company has been involved in an original project together with  Tessin author Andrea Fazioli in his stage debut: "Theory and Practice of Bank Robbery".
So far, CTP has performed in more than 30 countries worldwide, from Europe to Russia, to the Near East, Canada, Turkey Greece, South America and the Indian Ocean.